PhD, Sound Migratory Artist

Academic Research, Telematic Art, Deep Listening


Listening and Remembering networked improvisation - Mexico City and Morelia, July 2008; Paris, January 2009

"Listening and Remembering" is a networked improvisation for commuters, focusing on voice expression while listening to soundscape. It can be seen as both an electroacoustic music performance in real-time and also as a networked collaborative experience. It was created in collaboration with Max/MSP programmer Peter Batchelor and with the technical and production support of Ron Herrema. Here you can see a video with excerpts of the improvisations in México and Paris. This work was part of the fieldwork of the project "Linking urban soundscapes via commuters' memories", which developed as Sounding Underground. This work was funded by the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship 2007 -2009, and supported by the Institute of Creative Technologies IOCT at De Montfort University.