PhD, Sound Migratory Artist

Academic Research, Telematic Art, Deep Listening


Peer Reviewed Papers

Alarcón Diaz, Ximena; Gonzalez Sanchez, Victor Evaristo; Erdem, Cagri. (2019). "INTIMAL: Walking to feel place, breathing to feel presence"". Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2019

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citar journal

Alarcon, Ximena (2011). "Sounding Underground: Listening, performing and transforming the commuting experience". Sensate Journal. A Journal for experiments in critical media. [on-line publication]. Incubated at the Sensory Ethnography and MetaLab (at) Harvard.

sensate journal

Alarcon, Ximena (2011). "Creating an Interactive Sonic Environment", in Journal of the IAWM International Alliance for Women in Music. Volume 17 No 2. Cheetah Graphics: Sevierville, TN

Book Chapters

Alarcon, Ximena (2016). "Sonic Migrations: Listening in-between, sensing place" , in Environmental Sound Artists. In their Own Words. Edited by Frederick Bianchi and V.J. Manzo. Published by Oxford University Press: New York

Alarcon, Ximena (2015). "Telematic Embodiments: improvising via Internet in the context of migration" (including two sound files from 'Migratory Dreams' telematic performance), in Vs. Interpretation: An Anthology on Improvisation Vol.1, Edited by David Rothenberg, published by Agosto Foundation: Prague, June 2015

vs interpretation book

Alarcon, Ximena (2013). "You are Naked!", Essay in Spell Breaking: Remembered Ways of Being, Edited by IONE, Deep Listening Publications 2013

spell breaking book

Magazine Reviews

Alarcon, Ximena (2015).'Networked Migrations' feature in Artist Impressions, in Zine 'Courageous Creativity, Creative Listening', Edited by Shahana Dattagupta and Shirin Subhani. Flying Chickadee. Feb 2015

Alarcon, Ximena (2015). Reseña "Sueños Migratorios" en publicación digital Plataforma Habitarte, Arquitectura, Diseño y Cultura. Fundación Habitarte.

Published Scores

Alarcón, Ximena (2017) "Secreto a Voces [An Open Secret]" in Still Listening, Pauline Oliveros McGill University.

Alarcón, Ximena (2011) “Roots” Text score in Deep Listening Anthology, Deep Listening Publications, Vol 2

Doctoral Thesis

Alarcón, Ximena (2007). "An Interactive Environment derived from commuters' memories of the soundscape: a case study of the London Underground." PhD Thesis. De Montfort University: Leicester.

This Thesis has been selected as part of LABS database that includes abstracts of Ph.d, Masters and MFA theses in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology.