PhD, Sound Migratory Artist

Academic Research, Telematic Art, Deep Listening


Suelo Fértil - Mexico, London and France Aug 17th, 2016

Suelo Fértil [Fertile Soil] Performance at RCCD

This telematic performance is a continuation of Suelo Fértil in May 2016, an immersive experience exchanging dreams and sounds derived from migration and fertility metaphors. This new performance brings together 5 women in England, France and Mexico in a live online improvisation with Radio Centro de Cultura Digital. Suelo Fértil originated as a performance project commissioned by Arte en Tránsito UNESCO, Mexico, May 2016. Now, Suelo Fértil continues as a remote creative sound collective of migrant women. The performance was live streamed on Radio Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD Radio), August 17, 4pm (Mexico time) 10pm (London time)
Presentation: Cinthya García Leyva and Ana Cecilia Medina (lleom) Production: Eric Flores (CCD Radio) Performers: Ximena Alarcón, Miho Hagino, Yazmin Kuymizakis, Ana Cecilia Medina, María Ponce. Within the project PoéticaSonora - México 2016, and in collaboration with Radio Centro de Cultura Digital, the laboratory of extended literatures and other materialities (lleom) team members also organised this time of conversation about the artwork, which explores the migratory experience based on the poetics and practice of deep listening.

This is a podcast of Suelo Fértil at RCCD: