PhD, Sound Migratory Artist

Academic Research, Telematic Art, Deep Listening


TRISKELE: Escuchar en Espiral [Listening in Spiral], Bogotá and Medellín, July 14th and 18th, 2017


As part of the project "Deep Listening: Listening Rituals for the Colombian Post-Conflict" I proposed Colombian artists David Agudelo (Bogotá) and Miguel Isaza (Medellín) to perform a co-located sound improvisation ritual between Bogotá and Medellín, To explore our inner listening, our listening with / to those who are close, and our listening with / to those who are far away. In a cycle of breathing, attention and free expression we explore the interactions that were moving in TRISKELE, three spirals united in a process of symmetrical rotation, which serve as a symbolic reference to catalyze individual and collective traces of the Colombian conflict, opening spaces for healing. TRISKELE began in Bogota with a 30' performance in the Arte Studio venue, as part of the Festival En Tiempo Real, with the physical presence of David Agudelo and mine, and Miguel Isaza's telematic presence from the streets of Medellín. The text score was being projected on the wall for the audience as a means of poetic meditation, listening, and also if wanted they could make sounds. Four days later, the performance continued at MAMM - Medellin, with a 25' performance with the physical presence of Miguel Isaza and mine, and David Agudelo's telematic presence from the streets of Bogota. The audience could also read the projected text score, and follow it by listening.
This project was sponsored by the Beca de Circulación Internacional de Músicos, Agrupaciones e Investigadores Musicales, awarded to Ximena Alarcón by the Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2017. It was supported by the    Festival "En Tiempo Real", the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín MAMM, and the Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice center CRiSAP.
To listen to the full performance: Performance TRISKELE: Escuchar en Espiral - sound